This web site documents the progress of the Department of Energy, Office of Science, Integrated Assessment Research Program sponsored community research program on Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) model development, diagnostics and inter-comparisons (PIAMDDI). This program is dedicated to improving the science of integrated assessment by doing cutting edge research in critical areas of IAM development and integrating that research with a program of model inter-comparisons and IAM scenario ensemble construction activities.

Featured Publications

The Learning Process and Technological Change in Wind Power: Evidence from China’s CDM Wind Projects

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The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a project-based carbon trade mechanism that subsidizes the users of climate-friendly technologies and encourages technology transfer. The CDM has provided financial support for a large share of Chinese wind projects since 2002. Using pooled cross-sectional data of 486 registered CDM wind projects in China from 2002 to 2009, we examine the determinants of technological change in wind power from a learning perspective.

The role of irrigation in determining the global land use impacts of biofuels

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Recent studies have evaluated the land use consequences of biofuel programs and the associated carbon fluxes. However, all of these studies have effectively ignored the distinction between rainfed and irrigated lands and neglected the facts that irrigated croplands typically have much higher yields than their rainfed counterparts in the same region and that expansion in irrigated crops are limited in some regions due to water scarcity and irrigation constraint.

Quantifying the link between crop production and mined groundwater irrigation in China

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In response to increasing demand for food, Chinese agriculture has both expanded and intensified over the past several decades. Irrigation has played a key role in increasing crop production, and groundwater is now an important source of irrigation water. Groundwater abstraction in excess of recharge (which we use here to estimate groundwater mining) has resulted in declining groundwater levels and could eventually restrict groundwater availability.

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